Thelin, Howard J. (OH 90–27)

Oral History Interview with Hon. Howard J. Thelin (PDF). (1987). Assembly Member, 1957–1966, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge, 1976–1988; Los Angeles Municipal Court Judge, 1967–1976.

Thelin discusses the local organization of the Republican Party in the Glendale area, legislative campaigns and organization in the late 1950s, and talks at length about major state legislative issues, especially between 1957 and 1961, and a few of his own personal legislative ideas. He also discusses at length various events that changed the Republican Party and California politics in the 1960s.

Tomlinson, Constance M. (OH 89–26)

Oral History Interview with Stanley T. Tomlinson and Constance M. Tomlinson (PDF) (1988).

Tomlinson discusses her family background, migration first to Los Angeles and then to Santa Barbara, marriage to Stanley Tomlinson, and activities in Sacramento, particularly the PALS Club, which was comprised of legislators' wives.

Tomlinson, Stanley T. (OH 89–26)

Oral History Interview with Stanley T. Tomlinson and Constance Tomlinson (PDF) (1988). Assembly Member, 1949–1954.

Tomlinson discusses his family background, migration to California, education, election to the California State Assembly, service on several key committees, and service as city attorney, City of Santa Barbara, California.

Torres, Art (OH 2004–06)

Oral History Interview with Art Torres. (2003). California State Assemblyman, 1975–1982; California State Senator, 1983–1994; Chairman, Democratic State Central Committee, 1996– .

Torres speaks of his family background and education, political contacts and campaigning. He discusses his work with the California Rural Legal Assistance Program (CRLA) and his time in the State Assembly. He talks of his committee work, other members, and the Latino Caucus. He details education and immigration issues and his own legislation as well as the struggle between Willie Brown and Howard Berman for the position of Assembly Speaker. Torres comments on becoming a senator and his work with the Judiciary Committee. He talks of his relationship with Cesar Chavez, the decision to run for the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors and other position and the defeats he suffered after leaving the legislature. He also talks about his position as State Democratic Central Committee Chair and comments on the initiative and recall process.

Trombley, William H. (OH 95–2)

Oral History Interview with William H. Trombley. (1994). Journalist.

Trombley discusses his background and education, early journalism positions, and career at the Los Angeles Times. He recalls his observations and impressions while covering meetings of the University of California Board of Regents during the Free Speech Movement and beyond. He comments on the people involved and the atmosphere of the time.

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