Jervis, John V. (OH 91–13)

Oral History Interview with John V. Jervis. (1990). Assistant Deputy State Controller, 1978–1985; Director, State Senate Democratic Caucus, 1977–1978; Assistant to the Senate Majority Leader, 1972–1975.

Jervis discusses political campaigning and press relations for Senate Majority Leader George Moscone and Controller Kenneth Cory, service on several state boards as a representative of the controller, the duties and special concerns of Cory, and the Senate Democratic Caucus under Senator John Dunlap.

Johnson, Gardiner (OH 90–20)

Oral History Interview with Gardiner Johnson (PDF). (1973, 1983). Assembly Member, 1935–1946. Republican State Central Committee, 1934–1946, 1950–1982; Republican National Committee, 1964–1970.

Johnson discusses his career as California state assemblyman 1935–46 and Republican party activities 1932–66, including Alameda County politics, legislative friction with Governors Culbert Olson and Earl Warren, criminal justice and penal reform, Youth Authority, lobbying, World War II postwar employment and public works planning studies and legislation, state tax legislation; election campaigns 1934, 1942, 1952–64, including Republican national conventions.

Johnson, Ross (OH 2004–12)

Oral History Interview with Ross Johnson. (2003–2004). Assemblyman, 1978–1995; Senator, 1995–2004.

Ross Johnson talks about his family background and childhood, political background and early political involvement. He discusses campaigning and election to the Assembly, the conservative agenda, and his time as Republican Minority Leader. He speaks of legislative leaders and the effects of term limits. Next, he talks of his election to the Senate. He details the governor's veto power, reapportionment issues and reform, campaign finance reform and ethics. He also discusses the open primary idea, Governor Jerry Brown, state spending and budget reform, and energy deregulation.

Johnston, Patrick (OH 2003–2)

Oral History Interview with Patrick Johnston. (2002–2003). State Legislator, 1981–2000.

Johnston discusses his family background and education, early political interests, and jobs. He covers his years in the Assembly and Senate, and such legislation as the Delta Protection Act and the bill for reparations for Japanese Americans. He comments on legislative leaders and colleagues. He also details his campaign strategy and his opinions on Prop. 13, education, workers' compensation, HMO reform, lobbying, and term limits.

Jones, Bill (OH 2004–08)

Oral History Interview with Bill Jones. (2003). California State Assembly, 1982–1994; Secretary of State, 1994–2002.

Bill Jones discusses his early years and background, life on a farm, and his education experiences including his time as Fresno State student body president. He talks about his early campaigns for an Assembly seat, Central Valley and agricultural issues, and budget issues. He speaks of his election to the Assembly and becoming Minority Leader. Jones gives details about the Three Strikes Law and his defense of term limits. He also comments on his campaign for Secretary of State and his time in the office during which time improvements the office's technology and development and expansion of programs occurred. He also discusses his decision to join the governor's race, the budget crisis, and the Governor Gray Davis recall.

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