O'Brien, Charles A. (OH 88–18)

Oral History Interview with Charles A. O'Brien. (1987). Chief Deputy Attorney General, 1962–1971; Executive Secretary to the Governor, 1961–1962; Chief Assistant Attorney General, Criminal Law and Enforcement, 1960–1961.

O'Brien covers the duties and responsibilities of California's deputy and assistant attorneys general, law enforcement, state legislators, major problems of law enforcement in California during the 1960s.

O'Connell, John A. (OH 89–3)

Oral History Interview with John A. O'Connell (PDF) (1988). Assembly Member, 1955–1961.

O'Connell discusses Democratic politics in San Francisco City and County. He covers his career in the assembly, where he served on the Finance and Insurance, Judiciary, and Criminal Procedures committees. He offers observations on Philip Burton, Goodwin Knight, and colleagues in the 1955 assembly freshman class. He discusses the demise of the California Democratic Council.

O'Gara, Gerald J. (OH 89–7)

Oral History Interview with Gerald J. O'Gara (PDF) (1987). Senator, 1947–1954.

O'Gara discusses his election to the state senate in 1946, impressions of the California legislature including housing and highway issues, creation of the Bay Area Rapid Transit District in 1951; as well as a 1962 campaign fraud incident and campaign practices in the 1980s.

Owens, Trudy (OH 2004-18)

Oral History Interview with Trudy Owens. (2004).

Born in 1915, Trudy Davis Owens became politically involved when she met Jesse M. Unruh and worked on Esther Murray's 1950 campaign for Congress. She was involved in other campaigns and became active in California's Democratic Party politics, serving as president of the Democratic State Central Committee's Women's Division. She also attended several of the national Democratic Conventions as a delegate of California. After the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy she decided to give up her political activities.

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