Debs, Ernest E. (OH 88–5)

Oral History Interview with Ernest E. Debs (PDF). (1987). Assembly Member, 1943–1947; Los Angeles City Council, 1947–1958; Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, 1958–1974.

Debs discusses his family background, education, migration to California in 1923, pre–legislative employment, electioneering, and service in the California State Assembly, particularly his involvement on committees related to education and health.

Dills, Ralph C. (OH 91–2)

Oral History Interview with Ralph C. Dillsvolume 1 (PDF) volume 2 (PDF) (1989). Senator, 1967– ; Los Angeles Municipal Court Judge, 1952–1966; Assembly Member, 1939–1949.

Dills discusses his background, education, early political involvement in the EPIC movement and in the Democratic party, tenure as a municipal court judge particularly during the Watts rebellion in 1965, and provides considerable information on his chief legislative interests and accomplishments while serving initially as a California State assemblyman and then as a California state senator.

Dolwig, Richard J. (OH 89–29)

Oral History Interview with Richard J. Dolwig (PDF) (1987). Senator, 1956–1970; Assembly Member, 1946–1956.

Interview covers partisanship in the state legislature; leadership in the assembly and the senate; reapportionment; legislation pertaining to water, pharmaceuticals, railroad crossings, freeways, Long Beach tidelands; power politics; Eurovest trial; Hugh Burns, Edmund G. Brown, Sr.; Randolph Collier, Jesse Unruh, other government officials.

Ducheny, Denise Moreno (OH 2017-01)

Oral History Interview with Denise Moreno Ducheny (PDF) (2016). San Diego Community College District, 1990-1994; Assembly Member, 1994-2000; Senator, 2002-2010.

Ducheny’s interview begins with a look at her childhood in Orange County in the 1950s, attending Pomona College and, later, law school. She also discusses her time as a labor and immigration attorney, her service in the Assembly and Senate, experiences with other legislators, the impact of term limits and legislative accomplishments.

Duffy, Jean Moorhead (OH 94–10)

Oral History Interview with Jean Duffy. (1994). Lobbyist, California Nurses Association, 1976–1978; Assembly Member, 1978–1986.

Duffy discusses her family background and nursing education, nursing career, marriages and children. She describes teaching nursing at the college level then becoming a lobbyist for CNA. She talks about her decision to run for Assembly, those who supported her, campaigning as a nurse and mother and then about learning to be a legislator. She offers insights into the role of legislative women and the Tuesday Dinner Club as well as her perceptions of other legislators. She also tells of her switch from the Republican to Democratic party and the ensuing controversy. Candy Lightner, MADD, and the drunk driving bill are also discussed.

Dunlap, John F. (OH 90–8)

Oral History Interview with John F. Dunlap. (1988). Senator, 1975–1978; Assembly Member, 1967–1974.

Dunlap, as both assemblyman and senator, was instrumental in getting environmental legislation passed. He worked on open space lands, the coastal commission, fluorocarbon legislation, offshore drilling. He also discusses education and transportation issues, tax law, and legislative reform.

Dymally, Mervyn M. (OH 99–2)

Oral History Interview with Mervyn M. Dymally, Vol. 1 (PDF) (1996-1997)

Oral History Interview with Mervyn M. Dymally, Vol. 2 (PDF) (1996-1997)

Oral History Interview with Mervyn M. Dymally, Vol. 3 (PDF)(1996–1997)

Assembly Member, 1963–1967; Senator, 1967–1975; Lieutenant Governor, 1975–1979; Congressman, 1981–1992.

Dymally discusses his family background and childhood in Trinidad, his decision to immigrate to the United States, and college education in the States. He talks about his early involvement in Democratic clubs in California, his bids for public office, and legislation and committee activities at the state and congressional levels. He focuses on fund–raising, media coverage and perception of African Americans, and African American political organizations and activism. Dymally describes his relationship with Governor Jerry Brown and other California political figures and signing the executive order that decreased the power of the lieutenant governor. He provides information about allegations of wrongdoing against him and FBI investigations of his activities as well as the reactions by his constituents to these events.

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