Rains, Omer L. (OH 93–3)

Oral History Interview with Omer L. Rains. (1990). Senator, 1974–1982.

Rains briefly discusses his family and background. He talks about his early political influences, activities in the Democratic party, his law practice, and community activities in Ventura County. He comments on the structure and leadership style in the state legislature and focuses on reapportionment issues. He also stresses his concern for political ethics, civil rights, and environmental issues.

Ralph, Leon D. (OH 93–2)

Oral History Interview with Leon D. Ralph (PDF) (1990). Assembly Member, 1966–1976.

Ralph reminisces about his background and early life, mentioning his commitment to justice for ethnic minorities. He discusses Democratic party politics, government, and legislation and outlines his activities in the assembly including the legislation he sponsored. He gives his opinions about his fellow assembly members and political figures with emphasis on his split with Willie Brown. Ralph stresses his concern for the need to have minorities represented on the Capitol Restoration Project.

Rees, Thomas M. (OH 88–9)

Oral History Interview with Thomas M. Rees (PDF) (1987). Assembly Member, 1954–1962; Senator, 1962–1966; U.S. Representative, 1966–1976.

Rees discusses his family background, education, World War II service, conversion from the Republican to Democratic parties in the early–1950s, agricultural implement business in Mexico, participation in national Democratic party conventions from 1956 to 1968, activities as a member of the California State Assembly, California State Senate, and the United States House of Representatives, and comments on a wide range of individuals and issues involved in California and national politics from the 1950s to 1987.

Reynoso, Cruz (2015-183)

Oral History Interview with Cruz Reynoso. (2002, 2003, 2004). California Supreme Court Justice, 1982-1987; Vice Chair, U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, 1993-2004.

Justice Reynoso discusses his childhood, youth and education. He reflects on his teaching career and on his judicial career, especially his time serving as an Associate Justice on the Supreme Court of California.

Ringer, Roy J. (OH 89–23)

Oral History Interview with Roy J. Ringer. (1989). Governor's Representative and Speechwriter, 1961–1966.

Ringer discusses his family background, migration to Los Angeles, developing interest in journalism, working on various Los Angeles newspapers, and provides detailed information about his close association from 1961–1966 with the Edmund G. Brown, Sr. gubernatorial campaigns, programs, accomplishments, and shortcomings.

Roberts, Edward V. (OH 97–2)

Oral History Interview with Edward V. Roberts (PDF) (1994).

Roberts discusses contracting polio as a teenager and adapting to high school and junior college in San Mateo County. He covers his admittance to the University of California, Berkeley as the first resident disabled student in the 1960s and the growth of the Disabled Students Program under Dr. Henry Bruyn and Dean of Students Arleigh Williams.

Robie, Ronald Boyd (OH 2004–04)

Oral History Interview with Ronald Robie. (2003). Consultant, California State Legislature, 1960–1969; Member, State Water Resources Control Board, 1969–1975; Director, Department of Water Resources, 1975–1983; Judge, Municipal Court, 1983–1986; Judge, Superior Court, 1986–2002; Associate Justice, Court of Appeal, 3rd Appellate District, 2002– .

Robie begins with his family background and education and discusses working as a consultant for the Assembly. He talks of various legislative personalities, the struggle between northern and southern California for political power, and the creation of the Water Resources Control Board. He speaks of his appointment to the Water Resources Control Board and later his tenure as director of the Department of Water Resources and talks about the State Water Project, the Peripheral Canal, California water rights laws, dams, and water conservation. He also gives details about his time in law school, his experiences teaching law, his appointment to the court, the role of the judicial branch, and the duties of judges and courts.

Roos, Mike (OH 2004-19)

Oral History Interview with Mike Roos. (2003, 2004). Assembly Member, 1977-1990.

Roos describes his background growing up in Memphis, Tennessee, working with the Coro Fellows Program and, later, the Carter presidential campaign, and his run for the California State Assembly. He also discusses the tax reform movement, reapportionment, campaign finance reform, and firearms legislation. 

Ross, William B. (OH 90–37)

Oral History Interview with William B. Ross (PDF) (1990). Political Consultant, 1948–1980.

Ross reviews his family background and education. He discusses the structure of his company, the division of responsibilities with Herbert Baus, use of polling, and the strategies employed for various political campaigns conducted for candidates and ballot issues. Ross talks about his business relationship with many prominent politicians: Sam Yorty, Norris Poulson, William Knowland, Pat Brown, George Christopher, Barry Goldwater, and Richard Nixon.

Ryan, Marilyn (OH 2002–03)

Oral History Interview with Marilyn Ryan. (2000–2001). Assembly Member, 1976–1982.

Ryan discusses her family background, marriage, and education. She talks about her involvement with the League of Women Voters and community activism, leading study groups on California issues, and then moving on to involvement in local politics. She comments on the incorporation of Rancho Palos Verdes and running for city council and being mayor. She outlines her campaigns for state office, her committee assignments, and talks about Republican women in politics. Ryan mentions tax reform issues, her opposition to Proposition 13, and her work on income tax indexing legislation. She also discusses the Women's Caucus, struggles over leadership in the Assembly, and reapportionment and its effect on her loss of the last primary election. She also talks about her post–legislative career as executive director of California Arts Council and organizer of the California Elected Women's Association for Education and Research (CEWAER).

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