Agnos, Art (OH 2004-14)

Oral History Interview with Art Agnos. Vol. 1 (PDF)  Vol. 2 (PDF)  (2002, 2003). Assembly Member, 1977–1987; Mayor of San Francisco, 1988-1992.

Agnos discusses his background, education, working with Leo McCarthy and accomplishments while serving initially as a California State assemblyman, Mayor of San Francisco and then as a Regional Director of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Alarcon, Arthur L. (OH 89–2)

Oral History Interview with Arthur L. Alarcon (PDF) (1988). Governor's Executive Secretary, 1962–1964; Governor's Clemency, Pardons, & Extradition Secretary, 1961–1962.

Alarcon discusses his family background, education, experience in the military, post–secondary education, and activities, events, and issues during his tenure in the Edmund G. Brown, Sr., administration from 1961–1964, in particular those relating to narcotics, capital punishment, extradition, clemency, and law enforcement.

Alatorre, Richard J. (OH 92-10)

Oral History Interview with Richard J. Alatorre. (1989, 1990). Assembly Member, 1973-1985; Los Angeles City County, 1985-.

Alatorre discusses his family background and education, early involvement in politics and the Chicano movement in Los Angeles, career in the California State Assembly and formation of the Chicano caucus, the administration of Governor Edmund G. Brown, Jr., reapportionments of the 1970s and 1980s, and reflects upon his subsequent service on the Los Angeles City Council.

Alpert, Deirdre "Dede" (OH 2005-02)

Oral History Interview with Deirdre "Dede" Alpert. (2005). Assembly Member, 1991-1996; Senator, 1997-2004.

Alpert talks about her childhood and family background as well as her college career. Alpert also reflects on her legislative achievements in the area of women’s health issues and education, representing her San Diego constituents in the Legislature and impressions of other politicians.

Alquist, Alfred E. (OH 89–20)

Oral History Interview with Alfred E. Alquist (PDF) (1987). Senator, 1966–1996; Assembly Member, 1962–1966.

The interview discusses Democratic party politics in Santa Clara County as well as statewide. He speaks about his election campaigns from 1960 through 1984, including his candidacy for Lt. Governor in 1970. He also discusses issues such as campaign spending, reapportionment, economic development, and the budgetary process, as well as personalities such as Governor Edmund G. Brown, Sr., John Vasconcellos, and others. It also includes comments by Administrative Assistant Loretta Riddle on Alquist's San Jose office.

Alquist, Alfred E. (OH 98–1)

Oral History Interview with Alfred E. Alquist (PDF) (1997). Senator, 1966–1996; Assembly Member, 1962–1966.

This second interview of Senator Alquist covers the last ten years of his senate career and focuses on the period 1986–1996. During this period he chaired the Senate's powerful Budget and Fiscal Review Committee. From that vantage point he was an active participant in the hectic budget formation process of that ten–year period. This was a period of economic recession and economic growth; a period that placed severe strains on the state's ability to meet its needs and even, at times, to pay its bills.

Alshuler, Robert E. (OH 92–8)

Oral History Interview with Robert E. Alshuler (PDF) (1991). Regent, University of California, 1961–1963.

Alshuler discusses his family background, education in Los Angeles and at UCLA, student activities leadership, presidency of the UCLA Alumni Association, and business of the Regents of the University of California during his ex officio regency from 1961 to 1963.


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