Farr, Frederick S. (OH 92–5)

Oral History Interview with Frederick S. Farr (PDF) (1987). Senator, 1955–1967.

Farr gives a picture of the senate and senators during his service from 1955 to 1967, and discusses early environmental legislation to preserve the mountain lionand sea otter, encourage scenic highways, coordinate state planning, and preserve Monterey Bay and Lake Tahoe; his support for legislation to outlaw the death penalty during the Caryl Chessman case; and legislation to aid agricultural workers and fishermen. He outlines his work as coordinator for highway beautification in the Lyndon Johnson administration and as a member of the State Coastal Commission, 1972–1979.

Fenlon, Roberta (OH 90–14)

Oral History Interview with Roberta Fenlon (PDF) (1984). President, California Medical Association, 1970–1971.

Fenlon discusses her training in clinical medicine in the 1940s and her many years of activity in public affairs with the San Francisco Medical Society and CMA. Focus is on development of Medicaid (1965) and Medi–Cal (1966) legislation and regulations on health care for the poor, and subsequent controversies between the medical profession and the California Dept. of Health Care Services.

Fischer, Michael L. (OH 94–6)

Oral History Interview with Michael L. Fischer. (1992–1993). Executive Director, North Central Region, Coastal Zone Conservation Commission, 1973–1976; Deputy Director, Governor's Office of Planning and Research, 1976–1978; Executive Director, California Coastal Commission, 1978–1985.

Fischer discusses his personal and educational background and his interest in politics. He speaks of his experience and education in planning and his leadership in the Coastal Zone Conservation Commission, including relations with the regional commissioners and the statewide commission, the coastal planning process, and the permitting process for coastal development, including controversies over Bodega Harbor, Sea Ranch, and Christo's Fence. He talks about his position in the Office of Planning and Research and gives insights into the Jerry Brown administration. He comments on the statewide land–use planning process and the controversy over the proposed Dow Chemical plant in Solano County. Fischer also discusses his role as executive director of the California Coastal Commission, including the declining quality of commission members, budget cuts under Governor Deukmejian, increasing political pressures from Democratic legislators, offshore oil issues, and federal–state relations.

FitzRandolph, John A. (OH 90–7)

Oral History Interview with John A. FitzRandolph (PDF) (1989). Staff Attorney, California Constitution Revision Commission, 1966–1968.

FitzRandolph discusses his experience as staff attorney to the California Constitution Revision Commission and as chief consultant to the California State Assembly Democratic party caucus. He provides detail about his service on the staff of Assembly Speaker Robert Moretti and as a staffer for United States Senator John V. Tunney.

Fleury, Gordon A. (OH 88–17)

Oral History Interview with Gordon A. Fleury. (1987). Assembly Member, 1949–1956.

Fleury discusses his campaign in 1948 and his role in the legislature. Topics include the speakership, changes in legislative process, responsibilities to constituency, Long Beach tidelands oil issue, unemployment insurance fraud, workers' benefits, and lobbyists.

Foran, John F. (OH 2004–13)

Oral History Interview with John F. Foran (PDF) (2003). California State Legislator, 1963–1986

Foran speaks about his youth and education and starting his career on the state attorney general's office staff. He discusses running for the assembly, his committee assignments, and other legislators. He talks about his legislation including the Pure Air Act of 1968 and discusses transportation issues, Bay Area issues, and his relationships with other Bay Area legislators. He talks about the power structure in the legislature and details the issue of tort reform. He also comments on his post–legislative career as an attorney and lobbyist.

Forbes, William E. (OH 92–20)

Oral History Interview with William E. Forbesvolume 1 (PDF) volume 2 (PDF) (1990). Regent, University of California, 1959–1961, 1962–1977.

Forbes discusses his involvement, then presidency, of the UCLA Alumni Association leading to his ex–officio regency, appointment to a full sixteen–year term on the Board of Regents, and numerous policy areas before the board during his tenure, including vigorous campus expansion, student dissent, curriculum development, and systemwide leadership.

Franchetti, Michael (OH 94–7)

Oral History Interview with Michael Franchetti (PDF). (1993). Deputy Attorney General, 1969–1978; Chief Deputy Attorney General, 1978–1982; Finance Director, 1982–1984.

Franchetti discusses his family background and early life, education, and military service. He describes working in the Attorney General's office and talks about Evelle Younger's term as attorney general, comparing it to that of George Deukmejian. He speaks of being responsible for the office of Attorney General while the attorney general was campaigning. He focuses on Deukmejian's campaign for governor in 1982 and the budget crisis he inherited. He also talks about, as director of Finance, implementing Governor Deukmejians' policies through numerous budget cuts in 1983. He also discusses his legal, lobbying, and consulting work after leaving the administration when his appointment as Finance director was not confirmed.

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