Lagomarsino, Robert J. (OH 2001–4)

Oral History Interview with Robert J. Lagomarsino. (2000).

Lagomarsino discusses his family background, his childhood in Ventura, his Navy service, and pursuing a law degree. He also talks about his law career, his election and experiences serving on the Ojai City Council. He details his successful bids for the California State Senate, his campaigns, committee assignments, and carrying legislation. He talks about the Republican Caucus, the impact of Proposition 1A and reapportionment on the legislature, and the leadership styles of various assembly speakers. He his successful and unsuccessful bids for the United States House of Representatives, and the impact of term limits. Norma Lagomarsino also joins the interview.

Lancaster, William (OH 95–3)

Oral History Interview with William H. Lancaster. (1994–1995). volume 1 (PDF)volume 2 (PDF) Assemblyman, 1972–1992.

Lancaster discusses his family background and early interest in politics. He talks about his experience at the local government level and local government's significance as well as legislation he carried to address its problems. He talks about his approach to aiding his district and changes in campaigning. He reflects on the Republican Caucus and Minority Leaders and discusses the speakership and the need to restructure it. He speaks about his term on the Rules Committee and his view of its proper role. He also analyzes the long–range impact of Proposition 13, which he opposed, and the need to define the financial bases for local and state government.

Larson, Steve (OH 2004-26)

Oral History Interview with Steve Larson. (2004). Staff, Senator Alfred Alquist; California Energy Commission; Assembly Science and Technology Advisory Committee; Conservation Department; Resources Agency; and California Parks and Recreation Society, 1969-1983; Staff director, California Senate Finance Committee and staff director, Senate Budget and Fiscal Review Committee, 1983-2000; Executive director, California Energy Commission, 2000-2003; Chief deputy, Department of Finance, 2003.

Larson’s interview details his experiences in politics starting as a staff member of Senator Alfred Alquist and continuing in various positions within the legislature regarding energy, including the formation of the California Energy Commission. He also served as a senior staff member in the Senate Finance Committee and the Senate Budget and Fiscal Review Committee.

Levine, Meldon (OH 2004–17)

Oral History Interview with Meldon Levine. (2004). California State Assemblyman, 1977–1982; United States Congressman, 1983–1993.

Levine talks about his background and his parents' interests in politics and Israel, his education in political science, and his involvement in student government at UC Berkeley. He discusses working on campaigns, his later education at Princeton and Harvard, and more campaign participation. He speaks of joining a law firm and his own campaign for the Assembly. He talks about his committee assignments and other legislative personalities, his legislation, and the battle over assembly leadership. He discusses his decision to run for Congress, redistricting, the comparison between Congress and the California State Assembly, and the role of lobbyists.

Lewis, Jonathan C. (OH 90–30)

Oral History Interview with Jonathan C. Lewis. (1989). Executive Director, California Tax Reform Association, 1978–1979; Legislative Assistant to Senator Nicholas Petris, 1971–1977.

Lewis discusses how he learned legislative processes as a young, inexperienced aide to state Senator Nicholas Petris, especially tax equity issues of 1971–1977, including passage of S.B. 90 (1972), the Gann initiative (1979); activities of the California Tax Reform Association and other reform groups.

Lowenstein, Daniel H. (OH 90–29)

Oral History Interview with Daniel H. Lowenstein. (1989). Chair, Fair Political Practices Commission, 1975–1979; Deputy Secretary of State, 1971–1975; .

Lowenstein discusses his family background, youthful years, and formal education through Harvard Law School, work with California Rural Legal Assistance (1968–1971), stint as deputy secretary of state, background of campaign in support of Proposition 9 (Political Reform Act of 1974), and service as first chairman of the Fair Political Practices Commission, a period during which the Commission's powers over disclosure and campaign financing were defined.

Lowrey, Lloyd W. (OH 88–13)

Oral History Interview with Lloyd W. Lowrey (PDF) (1987). Assembly Member, 1940–1962.

Lowrey discusses his service in the legislature, in particular, legislation passed in California concerning Japanese internment during World War II, effort to remove influence of lobbyist Arthur H. Samish from the assembly and legislation concerning agricultural, conservation, educational, and water policy issues.

Luevano, Daniel M. (OH 89–8)

Oral History Interview with Daniel M. Luevano. (1988). Chief Deputy Director, Dept. of Finance, 1960–1964; Consultant, Committee on Ways and Means, California State Assembly, 1959–1960; .

Luevano discusses his family background, education, and activities in East Los Angeles and post–secondary education, state service as a consultant to the state assembly Committee on Ways and Means and as deputy director of the Dept. of Finance, and federal service during the Lyndon B. Johnson administration. He provides insights into California's three branches of government.

Lunardi, Paul J. (OH 91–6)

Oral History Interview with Paul J. Lunardi (PDF). (1989). Senator, 1963–1966; Assembly Member, 1959–1963.

Lunardi discusses his family, early life, education, military service, business experience, election to and service on the Roseville City Council, and the state legislature, his legislative district, and duties as a lobbyist for the California Wine Institute. While in the assembly, He was chair of the Military and Veterans Affairs Committee, vice–chair of the Water Committee and served on the Fish and Game, Public Utilities and Corporations, and Transportation and Commerce Committees. He sponsored legislation that became the Williamson Act, preserving farm land in urban areas, and provided exemptions to the Buy–American Act, and authored legislation creating the state park at Bodie. In the senate, he was vice–chair of the Fish and Game Committee and served on the Institutions, Insurance and Financial Institutions, and Natural Resources Committees.

Lyon, LeRoy E., Jr. (OH 89–10)

Oral History Interview with LeRoy E. Lyon, Jr. (PDF) (1988). Assembly Member, 1953–1955.

Lyon discusses Republican politics in southern California in the 1950s, his service in the assembly, procedures of lobbying, comparison of lobbying on the national and state levels, campaign funds, and changes in lobbying in California after passage of the Fair Political Practices Act in 1974.

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