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Oral history interviews conducted by the Regional Oral History Office are available to view in the California State Archives Research Room. Copyright laws limit the number of pages the California State Archives can reproduce from these volumes. Researchers must contact the Regional Oral History Office at the Bancroft Library at the University of California, Berkeley to obtain full transcripts of these volumes.

Interview Summaries (E)

Elkington, Norman (OH KB–20)

"From Adversary to Appointee: Fifty Years of Friendship with Pat Brown," Pat Brown: Friends and Campaigners. (1978, 1979). Justice, Court of Appeal, 1966– ; Judge, San Francisco Superior Court, 1959–1966.

Elkington and Brown first encountered each other as opponents in the courtroom of a referee in bankruptcy. Elkington backed Brown for district attorney in 1939 and 1943 and joined the DA's staff after Brown was elected. He describes Brown's energy and vigorous prosecution of gambling and abortion operations which had generated graft and corruption of scandalous proportions. He recalls Brown's innovations in administration (full–time staff attorneys and efficient filing systems) and in criminal investigation procedures (the suspicion booking system recommended by Bert Levit).

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Ellingwood, Herbert E. (OH R–23)

"Law Enforcement Planning and Coordination, 1969–1974," Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice in California, 1966–1976. (1981, 1983). Legal Affairs Secretary, 1969–1974.

Ellingwood discusses the administration's efforts at California court reform and reducing crime and to encourage individual and corporate responsibility; development of emergency services, questions involved in gathering and disseminating information among law enforcement agencies. As a member of the California Council on Criminal Justice, which channeled federal Law Enforcement Assistance Administration funding to local programs, he encouraged and attended meeting that brought judges together with policemen, district attorneys, and other professionals.

Contact the Regional Oral History Office at the Bancroft Library to purchase a copy of this transcript.

Engle, Lucretia (OH KB–22)

"Clair Engle as Campaigner and Statesman," Political Advocacy and Loyalty. (1977).

Engle provides insight into the Senator's last days and the political maneuvering that resulted in Pierre Salinger being named to Engle's Senate seat and later losing the November election to George Murphy. As her husband's secretary, she gives a vivid picture of his years as representative for the Second Congressional District.

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Ennis, Edward (OH W–31)

"A Justice Department Attorney Comments on the Japanese–American Relocation," Japanese–American Relocation Reviewed, Vol. I: Decision and Exodus. (1972).

Ennis, a special assistant to the U.S. Attorney General in charge of war problems, became chief of the Justice Department's Alien Enemy Control Unit after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. He contrasts the development of the Justice Department's program of selective internment of enemy aliens with the Western Defense Command's vigorous advocacy of a policy of evacuation of all Japanese–Americans. He also comments on the roles played by Attorney General Biddle, Tom Clark, a special assistant attorney general, and FBI head J. Edgar Hoover.

Contact the Regional Oral History Office at the Bancroft Library to purchase a copy of this transcript.

Erwin, Thomas M. (OH 89–19)

Oral History Interview with Thomas M. Erwin. (1987). Assembly Member, 1943–1958. (pdf ~ 3.21 MB, 97 pages)

This interview discusses southern California dairy farming and agricultural associations in the 1930s; Erwin's career in the state assembly, 1943–1955, including organization and leadership, with comments on fish and game, highways, land use, other contemporary issues; Richard Nixon, Goodwin Knight, Jesse Unruh, other political figures.

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