From the "Safe at Home" confidential address program for victims of Domestic Violence to the publication of the California Roster, the Registry of Domestic Partners, and the Advance Health Care Directive Registry, the Secretary of State's office provides a wide variety of unique services to Californians.

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Safe at Home

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Safe at Home is California's confidential address program that protects the residence addresses and confidential name changes of its participants who are survivors of domestic violence, stalking, sexual assault and employees, volunteers, and patients of reproductive health care clinics. The Secretary of State's office receives and forwards first-class mail of participants, registers eligible participants to vote under confidential status, and works with other government agencies to assist participants with protecting their address and confidential name change information.

Advance Health Care Directive Registry

Advance Health Care Directive (AHCD) Registry maintains AHCDs, which allow a person to indicate to their loved ones and medical providers their medical treatment preferences if they cannot speak or make decisions for themselves. The AHCD may also designate someone else to make decisions regarding medical treatment. AHCDs and related information can be provided upon request to the registrant’s health care provider, public guardian or legal representative.

Domestic Partners Registry

The Domestic Partners Registry registers same-sex couples regardless of the age of the partners, and opposite-sex couples in which one partner is at least 62 years old, as domestic partners in California when they file a Declaration of Domestic Partnership.