Interview Summaries, V

Van de Kamp, John (OH 2004–15)

Oral History Interview with John Van de Kamp (PDF) (2003). District Attorney, County of Los Angeles, 1975–1983; Attorney General, State of California, 1983–1991.

Van de Kamp discusses his family background and education, his work with the U.S. Attorney's Office, and running for Congress against Barry Goldwater. He talks about his selection as the first Los Angeles Federal Public Defender and that office. He also relates information about the cases and programs of the Los Angeles District Attorney's office during his time as DA. He speaks of campaigning for the office of California Attorney General and that office's organization, enforcement, and other programs. He focuses on the initiative process and working with the legislature on bills as the Attorney General. He also talks about his unsuccessful campaign for governor and his post–Attorney General activities and career.

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Vasey, Beach (OH W–25)

"Governor Warren and the Legislature," The Governor and the Public, the Press, and the Legislature. Legislative Secretary, 1944–1953. (1970).

Vasey sketches his work with the legislature which was funneled through this one individual to officially maintain the separation between executive and legislative branches of government.

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Vaughan, Francis E. (OH W–20)

"Schooldays in Bakersfield," Earl Warren's Bakersfield. (1970).

Vaughan was a classmate of Earl Warren's at Bakersfield High School, class of 1908, and at the University of California at Berkeley, class of 1912. He was interviewed in order to document the life of students in those schools.

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Vernon, Ernest H. (OH W–34)

"A Machinist's Recollection," Labor Looks at Earl Warren. (1969).

Vernon was active in founding the California Council of Machinists, AFL–CIO, and served as delegate to the Alameda County Central Labor Council and the Machinists International. In this capacity, Vernon met with district attorney Warren regarding the 1934 General Strike, and discusses labor's favorable reaction to the D.A.'s handling of events. He was appointed by Governor Olson to the commission advising the state Division of Apprenticeship Standards.

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Veysey, Victor V. (OH 89–16)

Oral History Interview with Victor V. Veysey (PDF) (1988). Assembly Member, 1963–1970; U.S. Representative, 1971–1975.

Veysey talks about his training and career at Caltech, including his wartime experiences, and assuming the role of owner/operator of a farm near Brawley in Imperial County. He discusses Jesse Unruh as speaker and the manner in which the assembly operated in the 1960s. He compares Governors Edmund G. Brown, Sr. and Ronald Reagan and mentions his service on a select committee on campus disturbances. Also, school finance, reapportionment, running for congress, service after congress.

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Vicencia, Frank D. (OH 89–11)

Oral History Interview with Frank D. Vicencia. (1987). Assembly Member, 1975–1985; Speaker Pro Tem, 1983–1984, 1985–1986.

Frank Vicencia discusses lobbying and the legislature before and after the political reforms of Proposition 9 in 1974. There is a special focus on the speakership battles of 1974 and 1980 as well as on the factional divisions within the Democratic caucus. Vicencia's service as speaker pro tem is highlighted.

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Vickerman, John L. (OH 90–33)

Oral History Interview with John L. Vickerman. (1989). Chief Deputy Legislative Analyst, 1979–1990; Program Analyst and Principal Program Analyst, 1955–1979.

Vickerman discusses evolution of the California Legislative Analyst Office and development of state tax programs and policies, 1959–1986; including negotiations for homeowners' exemptions, property tax reform, school finance, and related legislation; also discussion of impact of various ballot measures on state spending and taxation, 1968–1979, sponsored by Philip Watson, Paul Gann, Ronald Reagan, and others; references to Alan Post, William Hamm, California legislative leaders and finance department officials of the period.

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Volk, Robert H., Jr. (OH R–32)

"Government Reform and the Maturity of the Political Process," Organizational and Fiscal Views of the Reagan Administration. (1982). Corporations Commissioner, 1967–1969.

Volk was familiar with discrepancies between statutes in California and other states and the complications the differences caused in issuance of corporate securities. He discusses the drafting and passage of the new state securities law.

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