Fourth Quarter 1997

Top 10 Lobbyist Employers


10/1/97 - 12/31/97 EXPENDITURES

Western States Petroleum Association

$ 482,521

State Farm Insurance Companies


ARCO (Atlantic Richfield Company)


Pacific Telesis Group & its subsidiaries


California Cable Television Association


Philip Morris Management Corporation on behalf of Philip Morris Inc.


California HealthCare Association and affiliated entities


California Chamber of Commerce


California Building Industry Association


California Medical Association, Inc.


NOTE: Lobbying expenditures identified in this report include expenditures for the purpose of attempting to influence state administrative actions not related to the State Legislature. The most significant expenditures involving administrative actions are payments by utilities (e.g., Pacific Telesis Group & its Subsidiaries) in connection with proceedings before the Public Utilities Commission and payments by insurance companies (e.g., State Farm Insurance Companies) in connection with proceedings before the Department of Insurance.

In addition, lobbying expenditures include dues paid by certain government agencies to organizations that engage in specified lobbying activities. These dues are paid primarily by local governments to associations (e.g., California State Association of Counties; League of California Cities). Dues that must be disclosed as lobbying expenditures also are paid by some school districts and utilities. Consequently, the interest group categories identified in this report that include dues payments are: government, education, and utilities.

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