Viewing Online and Electronic Filing and Other Information

Section 3 - Online and Electronic Filing of Documents

  1. Filing Online or Electronically

    How do I find out how to file online or electronically?

  2. Obtaining Identification Number and Password

    How do I obtain a filer identification number and password to file online or electronically using Cal-Online or through an approved vendor if the identification number and password have not already been provided?

  3. Error Message

    How do I deal with the Cal-Online error message "This user is already logged on?"

  4. Logging Off

    How do I log off Cal-Online properly?

  5. Amending Lobbying Reports

    How do I amend online or electronically filed lobbying disclosure reports (Forms 615, 625, 635 and 645) using Cal-Online?

  6. Amending Campaign Form 450 or 460

    How do I amend online or electronically filed campaign disclosure statement Form 450 or 460 using Cal-Online?

  7. Amending Campaign Form 461, 496, or 497

    How do I amend online or electronically filed campaign disclosure statement Form 461, 496, or 497 using Cal-Online?

  8. Loans and Interest Reporting

    How do I indicate that a contribution is a loan and the amount of the interest, if any, relative to the loan, when using Cal-Online to file Form 497?

  9. Website Information Changes

    How do I change the Statement of Organization or lobbying registration data on the Cal-Access website?

  10. Form 602 Filings

    How do I file Form 602 ("Lobbying Firm Activity Authorization") using Cal-Online?

  11. Previous Filing Not Completed

    How do I make a filing using Cal-Online before completing a previous filing that has been started?

  12. Viewing or Printing Problems

    How do I view or print a paper copy of my filing using Cal-Online?

  13. "The Form xxx [form number] Has Been Submitted" Message

    How do I file a new document using Cal-Online when I log back onto my account and receive the message "The Form xxx [form number] has been submitted?"

  14. Itemizing Expenditures on Form 460

    How do I report online or electronically on Form 460 itemized information regarding expenditures for gifts, meals, or travel?

  15. Filing Amendments to Form 410 Online or Electronically

    How do I file an online or electronic amendment to Form 410 if I have not filed the original Form 410 online or electronically?

  16. Printing Cal-Online Forms with Street Addresses

    How do I print Cal-Online filings that include street addresses that can be used for filing paper forms with the Secretary of State?

  17. Technical Assistance

    How do I obtain technical assistance with respect to filing online or electronically?