Statute or RegulationTitle or Description
Elections Code section:
5100 Qualified Political Parties
8020 Declaration of Candidacy
8040 Declaration of Candidacy
Government Code section:
82007 Definition of Candidate
82013 Definition of Committee
82013(a) Definition of Recipient Committee
82013(c) Definition of Major Donor
82015(b)(2)(B)(iii) Definition of Behested Payments
82016 Definition of Controlled Committee
82031 Definition of Independent Expenditure
82036 Definition of Late Contribution
82036.5 Definition of Late Independent Expenditure
82038.5 Definition of Lobbying Firm
82039 Definition of Lobbyist
82039.5 Definition of Lobbyist Employer
82041.5 Definition of Mass Mailing
82043 Definition of Measure
82045 Definition of Payments to Influence Legislative of Administrative Action
82048.3 Slate Mailer Definition
82048.4 Slate Mailer Organization Definition
84200 Semi-annual Statements
84200.5 Preelection Statements
84200.5(f) Political Party Preelection Statements
84200.7 Time for Filing Preelection Statements
84200.8 Time for Filing Preelection Statements
84202.5 Supplemental Preelection Statements
84202.7 Odd-Numbered Year Reports
84203 Late Contribution Reports
84203.3 Late Contribution Reports, In-kind Contribution
84204 Independent Expenditure Reports
84204.5 Online/Electronic Ballot Measure Contribution/Independent Expenditure Reports($5,000 Threshold)
84211(k)(4) Explanation of Expenditures
84214 Candidate/Committee Termination
84215 Where to File
84220 Late Payment Reports
84511 Ballot Measure Paid Spokesperson
84602 Online/Electronic Filing Threshold for Lobbying Activity
84602(d) Campaign Street Addresses on Internet Prohibited
84605 Online/Electronic Filing
84605(f) Voluntary Online/Electronic Filings
84605(g) Continuing Requirement to File Online/Electronically
85200 Candidate Statement of Intention
85203 Definition of Small Contributor Committee
85204 Definition of Election Cycle
85205 Definition of Political Party Committee
85302 Small Contributor Committee Contribution Limits
85309 $1,000/$5,000 Election Cycle/Non-Election Cycle Online/Electronic Reports (Twenty-four hour/Ten-day Reports)
85310 Issue Advocacy
85400 Voluntary Spending Limits
85500 Online/Electronic Independent Expenditure Reports
85601 Access to Ballot Pamphlet by Candidates Who Accept Voluntary Spending Limits
85702 Prohibition on Contributions
86109.5(d) Lobbying Entity Addresses
86113(a)(2) Lobbyist Report of Contributions
86114(a)(7) Lobbying Firm Report of Contributions
86116(g) Lobbyist Employers Report of Contributions
Regulations 2 CCR section:
18238.5 Definition of Lobbying Firm
18239 Definition of Lobbyist
18239.2 Issue Advocacy Payments
18401 Detailed Recordkeeping Regarding Expenditures
18402(c)(2) Candidate Name in Committee Name
18402(c)(3)(a) Candidate Name in Committee Name
18421.7 Itemizing Expenditures
18435 Mass Mailing
18466 Online/Electronic Ballot Measure Contribution/Independent Expenditure Reports (Umberg Filings)
18539.2 Issue Advocacy
18572 Prohibition on Contributions
18901 Mass Mailing