How do I print Cal-Online filings that include street addresses that can be used for filing paper forms with the Secretary of State?

After you have already filed the form online using Cal-Online:

  1. Log onto Cal-Online and enter your Filer ID and password. Click "Login".
  2. Under "What would you like to do?" click on View "Existing Filing" and under "Which Form Would You Like to See?" select the appropriate form. Click on "Continue Filing".
  3. All forms filed using Cal-Online will be referenced in order of date filed. Click on "VIEW" next to the form you want to print. The form will be displayed with addresses.
  4. Print out the form using the Adobe Reader (Acrobat) print icon.
  5. Close the display (not the Cal-Online application) by clicking on the "X" in the upper right corner.
  6. Click on "Return to Form Menu".
  7. Click on "End Session" twice. This will return you to the Cal-Online menu.
  8. Date and sign the original paper copy. File it and a copy of the completed form with the Secretary of State.