How do I amend online or electronically filed lobbying disclosure reports (Forms 615, 625, 635 and 645) using Cal-Online?

  1. Log on to "Cal-Online" (The Cal-Online logon screen can also be reached by clicking on "Filing Using Cal-Online" under "Political Reform" on theĀ Secretary of State's home page.
  2. Select "Reporting" option.
  3. Highlight the Form number that needs to be amended.
  4. Move highlighted button from "File A New Filing" to "Amend An Existing Filing."
  5. Click on the button in lower right labeled "Continue Filing." This will take you to a rectangular box labeled "Submitted Filings" that contains a listing of all previous filed electronic statements. Using the downward pointed triangle at the lower right corner of the box, scroll down to view all filings. Select the filing you wish to amend by clicking on the button "EDIT" next to the filing description. (Note: Clicking on "VIEW" instead of "EDIT" will allow you to view a copy of a previous filed document without amending such document. You can also print while viewing.) By clicking the "EDIT" button at the appropriate filing you will launch your amendment.
  6. Using the pull down menu at the top of the screen labeled "Section," find the sections of the form that need to be amended and key in the changed information.
  7. Click on "Save."
  8. Using the pull down menu, go to the "Form 690-Reason for Amendment" section.
  9. Fill Form 690 out completely indicating what form and filing period you are amending as well as the reason for the amendment.
  10. Save this screen and press the "Continue Filing" button.
  11. Click on, complete and save the Verification section, and then press the "Continue Filing" button.
  12. After previewing the completed amendment form and making any required changes, you can make your final submittal by pressing the "Submit Filing to California Secretary of State" button.
  13. After successful submittal, print out a copy for your own records.
  14. Log off from the application by clicking twice on the tab in the upper right hand corner marked "END SESSION."