How do I file an online or electronic amendment to Form 410 if I have not filed the original Form 410 online or electronically?

Online/electronic filers must file amendments to Form 410 (Statement of Organization) both on paper and online or electronically. This is true for online/electronic filers, for example, when a Statement of Organization must be amended to list principal officer(s) as required by regulation 2 CCR section 18402.1 (PDF).

If no previous Form 410 has been filed online/electronically, the filer who is required to file Form 410 amendments online or electronically, should do either of the following:

  1. Recreate the original Form 410 and file it online/electronically, then amend it online/electronically, and file a paper original and copy of the amendment with the Secretary of State; OR
  2. File the amendment online/electronically as an original, but file the paper original and copy with the Secretary of State as an amendment.

Don't forget to file on paper with the Secretary of State an original and a copy of any amendment to Form 410 even though the amendment is also filed online/electronically.