Serving as a poll worker is an important and challenging job. There are many rules and regulations that must be followed on Election Day. Given the diversity of the state’s population, geography, voting systems and more, training methods will vary by county, but the information provided in these standards will help elections officials train their poll workers on how to best perform their duties.

These standards do not replace county poll worker training materials or resources. They are intended to provide elections officials with the information needed to provide training and written materials to their poll workers.

Moreover, the presentation of these standards is not meant to be prescriptive. Elections officials may present the information in the order or format that works best for their poll worker training sessions.

These 2024 revised standards reflect lessons learned and changes in state law that have taken effect since the original standards were published in 2006. These standards will be improved and supplemented in the future, as every election provides new opportunities to learn and improve everyone’s skills as an election official.

Complete 2024 Poll Worker Training Standards (PDF)

Revised January 2024

2024 Poll Worker Training Standards by Section