The Secretary of State's Elections Division has a wide variety of responsibilities in administering elections in California. Among its many duties, the Elections Division:

  • Certifies the official lists of candidates running for state offices
  • Advises candidates and local elections officials on the qualifications and requirements for running for office
  • Provides guidance on how candidates can select acceptable candidate ballot designations
  • Determines the order in which candidates are placed on the ballot
  • Tracks and certifies ballot initiatives. State measures must be verified by the Elections Division before they can be placed on the ballot.
  • Coordinates the tabulation of the votes from each county on election night. After each election, the Elections Division produces the official Statements of Vote, the official compilation of vote totals for each state election.
  • Uses its Voter Registration and Outreach team to produce voter registration forms, voter information publications, and encourage people to register and vote.

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