1. Why are some Statements of Organization (Form 410) being rejected?

    The Fair Political Practices Commission now requires the Secretary of State to reject Statements of Organization that do not include all of the information set forth in 2 CCR § 18410. Once the Statement of Organization is submitted with the required information, it will be filed.

  2. Can I obtain an identification number for a committee now and then later file an amendment to provide the additional required information?

    No. All information required by the regulation must be provided on the Form 410 before the Statement of Organization can be filed and before an identification number can be assigned.

  3. My bank’s historic policy has been to not allow a treasurer to open a bank account for a committee until the Secretary of State has assigned the identification number to the committee. However, based on the new regulation, the Secretary of State won’t assign the identification number to a candidate-controlled election committee until the bank account number is included on Form 410. What can I do?

    Based on 2 CCR § 18410, most banks will allow the committee to open a bank account based on the EIN (Employer Identification Number) or TIN (Tax Identification Number) issued by the Internal Revenue Service. Once the Secretary of State has assigned the identification number to the committee, the bank will add that number to its records. If the bank has any questions in this regard, suggest that the bank email our Statement of Organization (Form 410) email address at form410review@sos.ca.gov or call our main phone number at (916) 653-6224.

  4. Can I provide the missing information online or by telephone?

    No. The information contained in the form is verified by signatures affixed under penalty of perjury. The original and a copy of the Form 410, including appropriate signatures, must be submitted to the Secretary of State.

  5. Will a previously issued identification number be voided if the Statement of Organization did not include all of the information required?

    No. The new regulation is not retroactive prior to June 7, 2009. Previously issued identification numbers will remain valid, although amendments may be necessary to provide required information.