In addition to presenting California campaign finance and lobbying activity on the user-friendly CAL-ACCESS website, the Secretary of State provides the raw data to allow people with technical expertise to create their own databases.

The raw data is presented in tab-delimited text files from corresponding tables in the CAL-ACCESS database. Users can uncompress and extract the data with standard software such as PKZIP, WinZip, or MacZip. The Secretary of State does not provide technical support to users who want to download and analyze CAL-ACCESS data in this advanced way. However, the Secretary of State offers guides to the CAL-ACCESS data structure and fields.

Status Update

We are not aware of any data export outages at this time. If you are experiencing any issues, please contact the Political Reform Division with any questions or concerns at

Download Files

All CAL-ACCESS users should keep in mind that campaign finance and lobbying activity information changes often. The raw data extracts are updated once per day. Campaign finance and lobbying activity filings can also be obtained in hard copy by contacting the Secretary of State's Political Reform Division

Campaign finance and lobbying activity unredacted address lists may be requested by submitting a Data Processing Service Request. The unredacted data used for Data Processing Service Requests is updated once per week, every Sunday.