When a person or group is attempting to qualify a proposed initiative or referendum for the state ballot, typically there are not yet committees formed to support or oppose the measure. The Cal-Access list of proposed initiatives and referenda shows proposed state ballot measures that are currently being circulated for petition signatures.

After an initiative or referendum has qualified for the state ballot, a central list of all committees formed to support or oppose the measure is created in Cal-Access.

When anyone wants to raise or spend money to support or oppose a ballot measure, they must form a committee. A committee's Statement of Organization (Form 410) identifies the proposed ballot measure(s) the committee supports or opposes. Sometimes the information listed on a committee's Form 410 is not clear enough for the Secretary of State to accurately associate the committee with a ballot measure. Therefore, some ballot measure listings will show "No Committees Identified."

To find what committees, if any, have electronically reported forming to support or oppose ballot measures in circulation:

1. Locate the committee ID number on the list of proposed initiatives and referenda in circulation.

2. Go to the Campaign Finance page on the Secretary of State's website.

3. Enter the committee ID number in the Cal-Access Search box (in the upper left corner of the Campaign Finance page) and click the "Go" button.

4. Summary information for the committee will be displayed. Click on the committee name to access other search options such as general information, contributions received, and contributions made.