Many California cities and counties have campaign filing requirements that apply to every candidate, political committee, and lobbying entity. Each of the local governments listed below has an online filing system and a public website for viewing reports. Cities and counties not listed here may still have filing requirements but do not provide online access to the filings. However, all filings are public documents that can be made available by county clerks or elections officials and city clerks or elections officials.

City Electronic Filings

County Electronic Filings

People running for state offices (such as Governor or State Assembly), as well as political action committees, lobbyists, lobbyist employers and lobbying firms that conduct business in California are required to register with the California Secretary of State and file financial activity reports. Candidates and committees who raise or spend more than $25,000 must electronically file their reports; those who spend or raise less than $25,000 may file paper reports. All lobbyists, lobbyist employers and lobbying firms with quarterly activity of $2,500 or more file electronically. Electronic campaign finance filings for state offices and state lobbying activity filings can be viewed through the California Secretary of State website.

Californians running for federal offices (President, U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate) are required to register and file financial activity reports with the Federal Election Commission . Federal campaign committees do not file reports with the California Secretary of State.