Outstanding Fines for the Late Filing of Documents Required by the California Political Reform Act (XLS) is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet list of late filers with unpaid fines who were sent fine notices from the Secretary of State's office. The list is updated monthly. Filers wishing to challenge or obtain additional information regarding outstanding fines may call (916) 653-6224.

  • If a campaign or lobbying disclosure form is filed with the Secretary of State after a statutory deadline, the filer is liable for a fine of $10 per day late until the form is filed (California Government Code Section 91013). Example: If a disclosure form was due to be filed no later than July 31, but was filed August 15, the filer must pay a $150 fine ($10 multiplied by 15 days). Separate fines are assessed for the late filing of paper and electronic versions of documents for the same period.
    1. Guidelines for Waiver of Liability of Late Filing Fines .
    2. If the fine is not paid or a waiver/reduction is not requested within 30 days, a reminder letter is mailed.
    3. If the fine still is not paid within another 30 days or within 30 days of notice of a reduction in the amount due, a third letter is mailed as a final demand notice.
  • For explanations and examples of campaign forms, see Campaign Disclosure Forms.
  • For explanations and examples of lobbying forms, see Lobbying Forms & Instructions.