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The required Statement of Information for most corporations can be filed online and is processed generally in one business day. A free PDF copy of the submitted Statement of Information will be returned electronically following confirmation of payment, if an email address is provided. Additional plain copies and certified copies may be requested at a later time in person or by mail. Refer to Information Requests for information about obtaining additional copies.

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California law requires corporations, limited liability companies and common interest development associations to update the records of the California Secretary of State on an annual or biennial basis by filing a statement, as described below.

Please refer to the instructions included with the form for complete filing information, applicable filing periods/due dates, fees required to file the statement, penalties for not timely filing the required statement, and statutory provisions.

Statement of Information:

Corporate Disclosure Statement (Form SI-PT)
(pdf ~470KB) Publicly Traded Domestic Stock or Foreign Corporation

Statement by Common Interest Development Association (Form SI-CID)
(pdf ~290KB) Incorporated and Unincorporated Association

Business Entities (BE)

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