Training for Agencies

The Secretary of State provides National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) training materials for county elections officials. Elections officials use the materials to train other government officials in county offices that provide public assistance or serve people with disabilities. 

Training for NVRA Agency Staff

 Voter Registration Services for NVRA Public Assistance Agencies and Agencies Serving People with Disabilities (PPT) |(PDF)
 NVRA Agency Training
Opened Captioned-Audio Described (MP4) | Open Captioned(MP4)
NVRA Basics (PDF)
NVRA Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)

Training for NVRA Agency Coordinators

2014 Statewide Webinar on NVRA Resources:
(PPT) |(PDF)

Training for County Elections Officials

2014 CACEO NVRA Webinar:
(PPT) |(PDF)

Other Resources