Premier TSX Voting System

All direct recording electronic (DRE) voting machines used after January 1, 2006, must have an accessible voter-verified paper audit trail, pursuant to California Elections Code Section 19250. All voters voting on an electronic voting machine should review and verify their ballot choices on this printed paper record, prior to finalizing and casting their ballot. Once the ballot is cast, this paper record of the ballot is retained inside the voting machine as part of the election audit trail to verify the accuracy of the votes recorded. In accordance with California law, voters do not get a printed paper record of their vote choices.

California counties that use Premier:

Lassen and Modoc.

Premier Optical Scan

Step 1: Fill in Ballot Correctly

  • With a blue or black pen, COMPLETELY fill in the OVAL next to the candidate or issue of your choice.
  • If you wish to vote for a declared WRITE-IN candidate, find the blank line provided for "Write-In."
  • Clearly write the name of the eligible write-in candidate on the blank line. Fill in the oval next to the write-in line.


Step 2: Review Your Ballot

  • If you have questions, ask the poll worker for assistance. If you make a mistake, the poll worker will void the ballot and give you a new one.
  • When you have completed voting, place your ballot in the secrecy sleeve so your votes cannot be seen.


Step 3: Take Ballot to Scanner

  • Take your ballot to the optical scan unit and feed the ballot into the unit as shown. This will cast your vote. Return the secrecy sleeve to a pollworker. If you need assistance, a pollworker will help you.


Premier TSX

For Voters Requiring Special Assistance

Step 1: Insert Voter Activation Card

  • Insert voter access card into slot at upper right side of the screen.
  • Card should be face up with arrow pointing left.
  • Push card firmly into slot until it clicks.


Step 2: Read Instructions Screen

  • Insert voter access card into slot at upper right side of the screen.
  • Before you begin the voting process, you can magnify or change the contrast of your ballot to help increase readability.
  • To begin voting, touch the "Next" button on the screen. You will use the "Next" button to see each ballot page until you have reached the end of the ballot.


Step 3a: Select Candidates or Issues OR Select Write-In if Desired

  • Touch the box on the screen next to your choice. An "X" will appear designating your selection.
  • To change or cancel your selection, touch the box again and make another selection.
  • If there are write-in candidates for whom you wish to vote, select "Write-In" and a keyboard will appear on the screen.


Step 3b: To Vote for a Write-In Candidate

  • Separately type the name of each person you want to write-in, then select "Record Write-In."
  • The normal voting screen will return and the name you entered will appear as the choice for that particular race.
  • Touch "Back" to review previous pages.


Step 4: Review Your Ballot

  • On the Summary Page review your choices.
  • Items in red are races that were left fully blank or not fully voted.
  • If you want to vote for a race that was left blank or not fully voted, or change the your vote for any race, just touch that race on the screen and you will be taken back to the proper page to make or change your selection.


Step 5: Print Ballot for Verification

  • To verify you selections, touch "Print Ballot" and you will see an enclosed printed copy of your choices to the right of your machine.
  • After reviewing your ballot printout, you can either cast or reject your ballot.


Step 6: Cast Your Ballot

  • Touch "Cast Ballot" when you are ready to record your vote. Once your ballot has been cast, the printer will scroll to hide your selections.


Step 7: Remove Voter Activation Card

  • You have completed the electronic touch screen voting process.
  • Remove your voter access card and return it to a poll worker.