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As California’s chief election official, the Secretary of State is responsible for ensuring that elections are efficiently conducted and that state election laws are enforced. This responsibility includes ensuring that California’s elections are safe, secure, fair, transparent and accurate. California has the strictest voting technology standards in the country. While our office is open to pilots involving voting systems using open-source platforms, it is just as important that these systems, like every other current voting system in use in California, comply with all state and federal election laws and function as designed and as required by law to ensure the integrity and security of the votes being cast is protected.

At this time, the City and County of San Francisco’s request to conduct a pilot program pursuant to California Elections Code section 19209 during the November 8, 2022, Consolidated General Election, was denied – Letter of Denial (PDF). However, they were encouraged to work to appropriately develop the voting system to conform to state election code, conduct sufficient testing and verification, and then re-apply in the future.