As of May 10, 2022.

For approved systems, check the Voting Technologies Approved for Use in California page.

Applicant System Version Voting Technology Submission Date Type of Testing Testing Phase
KNOWiNK Pollpad v3.0.1 ePollBook 01-03-22 Full Certification Approved
Hart Verity Voting 3.2 Voting System 01-14-22 Full Certification Pre-Testing
Tenex Precinct Central 5.0 ePollBook 02-1-22 Full Certification Approved
San Francisco County/VotingWorks VxSuite Version CA-SF Voting System 02-07-22 Pilot Program Pilot Application Denied
ES&S Version Voting System 02-14-22 Full Certification Pre-Testing
Dominion Democracy Suite 5.10A Voting System 02-22-22 Admin Approval Approved