Office of Election Cybersecurity

Election Security is our number one priority.

Our right to vote is the foundation of our democracy. As the nonpartisan, official election source in the state of California, the California Secretary of State’s Office works around the clock to ensure every vote is safe and secure - that’s why the California Secretary of State’s Office established the Office of Election Cybersecurity.

Through the continuous investment in new tools, systems and infrastructure, the Office of Election Cybersecurity serves California with the sole purpose of keeping every Californian’s vote safe from online interference, especially the spread of mis- and disinformation. The Office of Election Cybersecurity works to make sure every Californian is equipped with the accurate information they need to vote and trust that their vote counts.

Check out the ways California has invested in your protection

Cyber threats to our elections are the new normal. California continues to take critical steps to implement safeguards to further secure our elections, including actively collaborating with multiple federal and state law enforcement agencies to ensure that Californians can register to vote, and vote, with confidence. Here’s how we’re safeguarding our elections:

Our Federal and Local Partners