The California Secretary of State periodically provides written guidance and information to the state's county elections officials to help ensure a smooth electoral process.

The written advisories -- known as CCROVs since they are directed to County Clerks & Registrars of Voters -- are posted here shortly after they are provided to county elections officials. Electronic copies of all CCROVs dating back to January 1, 2013, are posted here.

To obtain a copy of a CCROV issued in 2012 or earlier -- or if you have any questions or comments -- please email the Elections Division staff using our online form or call (916) 657-2166.


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DateCCROV NumberTitle
12/31/2019 19172 Presidential Primary: No Party Preference Voters (PDF)
12/31/2019 19171 Presidential Primary: CalVoter II and VoteCal Election Reporting Schedule (PDF)
12/31/2019 19170 Initiative: 1882, Related to Kidney Dialysis Clinics (PDF)
12/30/2019 19169 Publication: 2020 Elections Officers Digest (PDF)
12/30/2019 19168 Presidential Primary: Precinct Notice for How to Vote for President and No Party Preference (PDF)
12/30/2019 19167 Presidential Primary: Election Observer Panel Plan (EOPP) and Computer Vote Count Program (PDF)
12/27/2019 19166 Voting Systems: Approval of Hart InterCivic Inc.’s Verity Voting 3.1 Voting System (PDF)
12/27/2019 19165 Recall: Fourth Report for Recall of Governor Gavin Newsom, Filed by Erin Cruz (PDF)
12/26/2019 19164 Presidential Primary: Certified List of Candidates and Rotation List (PDF)
12/23/2019 19163 Petitions: SB 47 Changes to Initiative, Referendum, and Recall (PDF)
12/23/2019 19162 Voting Systems: Voting Technology Public Hearing (PDF)
12/20/2019 19161 Referendum: Failure of 1869, Related to Vaccinations (PDF)
12/20/2019 19160 Referendum: Failure of 1868, Related to Vaccinations (PDF)
12/20/2019 19159 Initiative: 1881, Related to Intervention Programs (PDF)
12/19/2019 19158 Voter Registration: 85814 Business Reply Mail Renewal Fees (PDF)
12/19/2019 19157 Political Body: Common Sense Party (PDF)
12/19/2019 19156 Recall: Third Report for Recall of Governor Gavin Newsom, Filed by James Veltmeyer (PDF)
12/18/2019 19155 Initiative: Random Sample of #1862, Related to Housing (PDF)
12/18/2019 19154 Presidential Primary: Precinct Notices (PDF)
12/18/2019 19153 Initiative: 1880, Related to Medical Research (PDF)
12/18/2019 19152 Initiative: 1879, Related to Consumer Privacy (PDF)
12/16/2019 19151 Presidential Primary: UOCAVA/MOVE Act Survey/Point of Contact (PDF)
12/13/2019 19150 Voting Modernization Board: Next Scheduled Meeting – January 29, 2020 (PDF)
12/13/2019 19149 Presidential Primary Election: Voter Information Guide (VIG) Mailing (PDF)
12/12/2019 19148 Presidential Primary: Randomized Alphabet Drawing (PDF)
12/11/2019 19147 Initiative: 1878, Related to Organic Standards (PDF)
12/11/2019 19146 Notice to Verify all Signatures Received as of the Third Reporting Date for the Recall of Governor Gavin Newsom, Filed by Erin Cruz (PDF)
12/11/2019 19145 Voting Modernization Board: Tentative Meeting Dates 2020 (PDF)
12/10/2019 19144 Presidential Primary: Final Ballot Label and Title and Summary (PDF)
12/10/2019 19143 Presidential Primary: Statewide Database Requirements (PDF)
12/10/2019 19142 Voting Systems: OVSTA Monthly Update – December 2019 (PDF)
12/09/2019 19141 Survey: 2020 County Administered Elections (PDF)
12/09/2019 19140 Presidential Primary Election: Ballot Tint and Watermark Assignment (PDF)
12/06/2019 19139 Presidential Primary: Nomination Period Filing Extension (PDF)
12/06/2019 19138 Presidential Primary Election: Ballot Tint and Watermark Assignment (PDF)
12/06/2019 19137 VoteCal: Voter Status Alert Emails (PDF)
12/04/2019 19136 Presidential Primary: Suspension of National Change of Address (NCOA) Processing (PDF)
12/04/2019 19135 Report of Registration: Schedule 2020-2021 (PDF)
12/03/2019 19134 Presidential Primary: Vote-by-Mail Ballot Tracking Service (PDF)
12/02/2019 19133 Initiative: 1877, Related to Medical Negligence (PDF)
12/02/2019 19132 Voter Registration: Deadline to Order Voter Registration and Voter Notification Cards (PDF)