Change as of May 19, 2014

The California Secretary of State will no longer issue a Certificate of Filing for a single business entity filing on the records of this office. To receive certification of a particular filing, you may request one of the following:

  • A certified copy of that filing; or
  • A Certificate of Filing of All Documents. The new Certificate of Filing of All Documents will include:
    1. The business entity's current name, Secretary of State file number, registration or conversion date in California, entity type, and jurisdiction (state, country or other place) of formation;
    2. In chronological order (i.e., oldest filing to newest filing), a list of all filings made for the business entity on the records of the Secretary of State, starting with the initial formation, registration or conversion filing. Each listed filing will include:
      1. The document type of that filing (e.g., formation, registration, amendment, correction, merger, conversion, election to terminate, termination, statement of information, etc.);
      2. The file date and the effective date of that filing; and
      3. If the filing changed the name of the business entity, the prior name of the business entity; and
    3. A certification page, as the last page of the certificate, on which the Seal of California and the Secretary of State's signature will appear.
    4. Note: The entity names or entity types in a merger or conversion filing, or any other details contained within a filing, will not be listed in the Certificate of Filing of All Documents. If you require such information, you may request a copy of that filing.

Ordering Information

For information about ordering a certified copy of a filing or a Certificate of Filing of All Documents, see Information Requests.