Report of Registration, October 1, 2019

If you have any questions about this report of registration, please call the Elections Division at (916) 657-2166 or use our online form.
  • Table of Contents (PDF)
  • Historical Voter Registration Statistics (PDF)
  • Qualified Political Parties (PDF)
  • Political Bodies Attempting to Qualify (PDF)
  • Pre-Registration by County (PDF) | (XLS)
  • Registration by County (PDF) | (XLS)
  • Registration by Political Bodies Attempting to Qualify by County (PDF) | (XLS)
  • Registration by Age Range by County (PDF) | (XLS)
  • Registration by US Congressional District (PDF) | (XLS)
  • Registration by State Senate District (PDF) | (XLS)
  • Registration by State Assembly District (PDF) | (XLS)
  • Registration by State Board of Equalization District (PDF) | (XLS)
  • Registration by County Supervisorial District (PDF) | (XLS)
  • Registration by Political Subdivision by County (PDF) | (XLS)