The results of the Secretary of State's random drawing of letters of the alphabet for the October 7, 2003 Statewide Special Election are listed below. The resulting order of letters constitutes the alphabet to be used for determining the order of candidates' names on the upcoming statewide ballot; it applies throughout the name, not just for the first letter so that Randolph would precede Riddle.

Names of candidates for offices voted on statewide rotate by Assembly district, starting with Assembly District 1 where the names appear as first determined by the random alphabet. In Assembly District 2, the candidate who appeared first in Assembly District 1 drops to the bottom and the other candidates move up one position and so on throughout the 80 districts.

This procedure was established by legislation passed in 1975 in response to court rulings declaring that standard alphabetical order or incumbent-first was unconstitutional since there is a 5% positional bias among undecided voters.


  1. R
  2. W
  3. Q
  4. O
  5. J
  6. M
  7. V
  8. A
  9. H
  10. B
  11. S
  12. G
  13. Z
  14. X
  15. N
  16. T
  17. C
  18. I
  19. E
  20. K
  21. U
  22. P
  23. D
  24. Y
  25. F
  26. L