Statement of Vote
Supplement to the Statement of Vote

Statement of Vote - Table of Contents

Registration and Participation (PDF)

  • Voter Registration Statistics by County
  • Voter Participation Statistics by County
  • Historical Voter Registration and Participation in Statewide General Elections

Initiative, Referendum, and Political Party Qualification Requirements (PDF)

  • Initiative and Referendum Petition Signature Requirements
  • New Political Party Qualifications

Voting Systems Used by Counties in the General Election (PDF)

The Contests (PDF)

  • Constitutional Officers and Insurance Commissioner
  • United States House of Representative
  • The California Legislature
  • United States Senate
  • Propositions (Ballot Measures)

Vote Summaries (PDF)

  • Official Declaration of the Vote Result on Statewide Measures
  • Votes For and Against Statewide Ballot Measures and Constitutional Amendments
  • Summary of All Votes Cast for Offices and Measures at the General Election

The Statement of Vote

Supplement to the Statement of Vote


United States Senator

Statewide Measures