General Election Day November 4, 2014

Candidate Filing

Key Dates and Deadlines
Description of EventDeadline
Signatures-In-Lieu of Filing Fee Period – Supreme and Appellate Courts June 2 - July 31
Candidate Statement Deadline for Voter Information Guide
(Statewide Candidates and Supreme Court Justice)
July 16
Declaration of Candidacy Period – Supreme and Appellate Courts July 17 - August 15
Deadline for Ballot Designation Changes July 29
Candidate Statement Deadline for County Sample Ballots
(County, Senate, and Assembly)
August 8
Randomized Alphabet Drawing August 14
Notice to Candidates August 23
Certified List of Candidates August 28
Write-In Nomination Period – Nonpartisan Office September 8 - October 21
Candidate Nomination – Supreme and Appellate Courts September 15
Certified List of Write-In Candidates for Nonpartisan Office October 24

Voter Information Guide

Key Dates and Deadlines
Description of EventDeadline
Legislative Measure Qualification Deadline June 26
Ballot Label and Title and Summary Deadline July 4
Argument Submission Deadline July 8
Argument Selection and Exchange July 13
Analysis, Text, and Bond Statement Deadline July 17
Rebuttal Argument and Summary Information Deadline July 17
Public Inspection Period July 22 - August 11
Copy Provided to State Printer August 11
Voter Information Guide Mailing Period September 25 - October 14

Registration and Voting

Key Dates and Deadlines
Description of EventDeadline
Military and Overseas Voter Vote-By-Mail (VBM) Ballot Delivery Period September 5 - September 9
VBM Ballot Mailing Period October 6 - October 28
Last Day to Register to Vote October 20
New Citizen (sworn in after close) Voter Registration October 21 - November 4
Last Day to Request VBM Ballot October 28
Election Day (7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.) November 4