How do I view a prior online or electronic filing after an amendment has been filed?

By default, Cal-Access displays in PDF format only the most current amended version of a filing. To view the original or prior PDF versions of the filing:

  1. Go back to the PDF image of the current filing. (See answer to Question 1.)
  2. Find the address line (URL) of the PDF image displayed at the top of the page. The address will start with the lettering "" At the end of this address line you will find the word "amendid" (meaning amendment id) followed by an equal sign (=). After this equal sign is a number. If there has been no amendment, this number will be 0. If there has been one amendment, this number will be 1. If there have been 3 amendments, this number will be 3.
  3. To see the original image of the filing, type over the displayed number with the number 0 and press Enter. If there is more than one amendment, to see any prior amendment type over the displayed number with the sequential number corresponding to that amendment and then press Enter.