"Cal-Access Search" allows you to easily find information about lobbyists, lobbyist employers, and lobbying firms in the Cal-Access database. To use "Cal-Access Search":

  1. Go to the link in the upper left-hand corner of almost any Cal-Access page, including the Campaign Finance page. (You may also reach this site from the Secretary of State's Home Page - by clicking on "Lobbying Activity & Finance" under "Political Reform.")
  2. Enter the number or partial name of the person or entity in which you are interested and click on "GO." It may take several seconds to process the request. If nothing seems to happen when you click on "GO," wait a few seconds and the request is likely to be processed and the requested information will be displayed. Cal-Access will display all of the names of individuals or entities that include the numbers, word or words entered, along with the "Entity ID," "Entity Type," and "Status."
  3. Click on the name of the person or entity in which you are interested, if it is linked as indicated by underlining. Associated persons and/or other information will be displayed.