How do I find out whether a lobbyist has made or delivered political contributions involving a state candidate, officeholder, or committee?

Lobbyists must disclose on their quarterly reports (Form 615) the state candidates, committees or officeholders to whom they have made or delivered campaign contributions, if any contributions have been made or delivered. (Government Code section 86113(a)(2)) To view these reports:

  1. Go to the "Lobbying Activity" page. (You may also reach this site from the Secretary of State's home page - by clicking on "Lobbying Activity & Finance" under "Political Reform.")
  2. Click on "Individual Lobbyists."
  3. Select the lobbyist in whom you are interested.
  4. Select "Financial Activity/Filing History" and the desired "Legislative Session."
  5. Click on the "Lobbyist Report (F615)" for the quarter that is of interest. A copy of the report will be displayed. View the information in "Part II" of the form and any attachment, if applicable.

Note: A state lobbyist may not contribute to a state officeholder's or candidate's committee if the lobbyist is registered to lobby the agency of the elected officer or the agency to which the candidate is seeking election. The lobbyist also may not contribute to a local committee controlled by any such state candidate. (Government Code section 85702) (2 California Code of Regulations section 18572)

A detailed chart on California Contribution Limits is available on the Fair Political Practices Commission website.