How do I view a campaign finance statement that has been filed online or electronically?

To view a campaign finance statements that has been filed online or electronically:

  1. Go to the "Campaign Finance" page. (You may also reach this site from the Secretary of State's Home Page by clicking on "Campaign Finance" under "Political Reform.")
  2. Click on the category in which you are interested. For example, suppose you are interested in a particular candidate. Click on the "Candidates & Elected Officials" link. This will bring up the "Campaign Finance: Candidates & Elected Officials" page.
  3. On this page, you can choose a listing of candidates by category and election. Choose the category (e.g., "Certified Election Candidates") and the election you want. The system will by default select the most recent election. You may select a prior election if you desire after clicking on "Prior Elections" under "Choose an Election." The request may take a few seconds to process. If nothing seems to happen when you point and click on a selection, wait a few seconds and the request is likely to be processed and the requested information will be displayed.
  4. Scroll down the page to find the candidate or official in which you are interested.
  5. If the candidate filed online or electronically, the name will appear as a link. Click on that link. Information regarding the candidate will be displayed. (If the candidate did not file online or electronically, the name will be listed for informational purposes without being underlined and it does not link to anything.)
  6. Scroll down the page to find the candidate's or official's campaign committee(s).
  7. Click on the name of the committee in which you are interested. Additional information may be displayed for that committee.
  8. To view a copy of any online or electronic filings, select "Electronic Filings" under "View Information." A list of "Electronic Filings" will be displayed.
  9. Click on the link of the filing in which you are interested. This link will consist of the name and number of the form and will be underscored in white. A pdf (electronic) image of the filing will be displayed and may be printed.
  10. Note that street addresses contained in the original filing are not displayed. California law prohibits displaying street addresses contained in these online or electronic filings. (Government Code section 84602(d)) See answer to Question 13.
  11. Images of campaign finance disclosure statements that include street addresses are available to view without charge at the Sacramento Office of the Secretary of State at 1500 11th Street, Room 495, Sacramento, CA 95814. Copies are available for ten cents per page.