How do I find out who controls a state or local committee?

The individual or entity, if any, that controls a state or local committee is indicated on the committee's "Statement of Organization" (Form 410) filed with the Secretary of State.

The initial "Statement of Organization" ordinarily cannot be viewed online. It may be viewed without charge at the Secretary of State's office at 1500 11th Street, Room 495, Sacramento, California 95814. Copies may be purchased for ten cents per page.

Note: Some "Statements of Organization" (Form 410) can be viewed online in PDF format if the document was filed online/electronically by the committee. To determine if the statement has been filed online/electronically, view the "Electronic Filings" of the committee as explained in the answer to Question 6. The verification portion and Section 5 of Part 2 of the Cover Page of Form 460 filed online or electronically may also indicate a controlling officeholder or candidate. See the answer to Question 21.