Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the California Address Confidentiality Program, Safe at Home? 

2.  What does Safe at Home do?

3.  Who is eligible?

4.  What services are offered?

5.  How do those eligible apply for the Safe at Home Program? 

6.  Can other household members participate in the Safe at Home Program?

7.  What kind of mail is forwarded?

8.  What happens after a person is accepted into the Safe at Home Program?

9.  How long are participants certified to be in the program?

10.  Can someone be cancelled from the Safe at Home Program? 

11.  Who is required to accept the substitute address?

12.  Will my mail be delayed?

13.  Who else will have access to my confidential address?

14.  What happens if I move or change my name?

15.  What do I do if someone refuses to use the substitute address? 

16.  How do participants register to vote without putting their confidential information at risk?

17.  Does the Safe at Home Program remove or delete existing public information? 

18.  Is the Safe at Home Program like a witness protection program?

19.  When buying residential property, how do I keep it confidential?