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Sacramento Bee - January 12, 2018

Some real fixes to safeguard California voters

By Foon Rhee

A lot of attention is focused on making sure our voting systems are safe from Russian interference, and for good reason. We can never allow a repeat of the meddling that marred the 2016 presidential election and continues to consume Washington politics.

Redwood City Patch, January 4, 2018

New Voting Model Coming to SMC, County Seeks Input

By News Desk

Chief Elections Officer Mark Church today released San Mateo County's California Voter's Choice Act Draft Election Administration Plan (EAP). The Draft EAP outlines the steps the County will follow in implementing the provisions of the California Voter's Choice Act for the June 5, 2018 Statewide Direct Primary Election.


Secretary of State Press Releases

AP17:112 12/14/17 Secretary of State Alex Padilla Announces New Website for Counties Participating in the Voter’s Choice Act

SACRAMENTO – Big improvements are coming to elections in Madera, Napa, Nevada, Sacramento, and San Mateo counties in 2018 thanks to the California Voter's Choice Act. To help prepare voters in those counties for these changes, Secretary of State Alex Padilla announced a new website: The Voter’s Choice Act (SB 450) is a landmark election reform measure that was sponsored by Secretary Padilla and signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown in 2016. Click here to see a Voter's Choice Act


Sierra Star December 13, 2017

New county voting system will expand services

By Brian Wilkison

Madera County Clerk-Recorder & Registrar of Voters Rebecca Martinez has seen a lot over her 44-year career with the county, but nothing has excited her more than improvements that will “modernize the voting experience” by implementing the Voters Choice Act of 2016.

Sierra News Online November 29, 2017

Big Changes in Store for Voters in Madera County Elections

By Gina Clugston

Beginning with the June 5 election, voters in Madera County will be able to vote in person for nearly two weeks ahead of the election, and every registered voter will receive a ballot in the mail.Madera County Clerk/Recorder/Registrar Rebecca Martinez says she hopes everyone will be excited about the improvements to the voting process. “I am devoting all my time to making sure this is successful and will be well-received,” says Martinez."

Sacramento Bee October 9, 2017 

California is making it easier than ever to vote

By Jim Miller 

Texas lawmakers in 2011 approved a law that counted handgun licenses, but not student ID cards, as acceptable forms of identification to vote.

89.3 KPCC September 22, 2017

Challenges mount as rollout of new California voting overhaul nears

By Mary Plummer 

Think back a decade: what did your cell phone look like? Now imagine carrying out your normal routine today with that old phone.  That scenario sums up the problem facing California’s aging voting system.


New Times SLO September 28, 2017 

San Luis Obispo 'not ready' for new election model in 2018, county says       

By  Peter Johnson  

Despite being on a short list of counties allowed to immediately implement a new state election model geared toward mail-in voting, San Luis Obispo County has decided it will stick with the status quo for the 2018 elections, citing technical and logistical challenges. September 14, 2017

New Election Model Coming To San Mateo County

By News Desk, Patch Staff 

From the San Mateo County Board: The San Mateo County Board of Supervisors approved and authorized yesterday a new elections model proposed under Senate Bill 450, also known as the California Voter's Choice Act.

The Daily Journal September 14, 2017 

Board of Supervisors approve new election model 

A new elections model proposed under the California Voter’s Choice Act that would replace traditional polling places with vote centers was approved and authorized by the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors Tuesday, according to the Elections Office.


89.3 KPCC August 29, 2017

Voters don't like California's move to voting centers in place of polling places

By Mary Plummer

A new study finds that a majority of voters surveyed don't support a move to consolidate locations where people can cast ballots, a cornerstone of an elections overhaul law rolling out starting next year in California.

San Francisco Chronicle July 17, 2017 

Partisan rift opens over vote-by-mail law

By John Wildermuth

A dramatic change planned for California elections next year is morphing into a partisan battle over how the state’s ballots should be cast.

Secretary of State Press Releases 

AP17:041 06/22/17 California Secretary of State Alex Padilla Calls on Orange County Board of Supervisors to Reconsider Voter’s Choice Act

SACRAMENTO – California Secretary of State Alex Padilla sent a letter to the Orange County Board of Supervisors requesting that they reconsider their decision to reject the reforms contained in the California Voter’s Choice Act. Sacramento and Nevada Counties have already adopted the Voter’s Choice Act. 


Secretary of State Press Releases

AP17:037 06/06/17 Sacramento County Adopts Major Election Reforms Enabled by the Voters Choice Act

SACRAMENTO, CA – The Sacramento County Board of Supervisors today voted to adopt the election model created by the Voters Choice Act. Beginning in 2018, all registered voters in Sacramento County will automatically be sent a ballot 28 days prior to Election Day. Voters will be able to return their ballot by mail, take it to a drop-off location, or cast it in-person at any vote center in the county. March 10, 2017

California election leaders stay focused on reform in politically charged era

By John Guenther

As election officials and reformers gathered for an annual event in Los Angeles, the goal of upgrading California's elections took on special significance this year in the face of a crisis of confidence in democracy itself. February 28, 2017 

New Nevada County Vote Centers: Easier to Vote, and Reducing the Costs of Elections

By Gregory J. Diaz,

Nevada County Clerk-Recorder, Registrar of Voters "Starting with elections in 2018, Nevada County voters will find it easier to cast a ballot, thanks to the new California Voter’s Choice Act, SB450. "

San Diego Union-Tribune February, 7 2017 

Q&A with California Secretary of State Alex Padilla

By Union-Tribune Editorial Board 

The San Diego Union-Tribune Editorial Board met with California Secretary of State Alex Padilla last week to discuss voting and other election issues. Here is an edited transcript of the interview.


La Opinion December 15, 2016 

Alex Padilla: “California es un modelo para el resto del país” 

El Secretario de Estado Alex Padilla visitó el miércoles las oficinas de La Opinión y durante la entrevista, el funcionario hizo un balance de sus dos años en el cargo y también se refirió a los recientes resultados electorales.


Comstocks Magazine November 9, 2016 

A Day in the Life of a Neighborhood Precinct

Logan Leonhardt walked up to the check-in table at Poll A in Sierra 2 Center and the 4-year-old turned in his purple “ballot” to neighbor and poll worker Eric Johnson. His mother, Krystin, quickly snapped a photo of Logan’s first unofficial vote, which remained on display for the rest of the day.

Sacramento Bee September 29, 2016/strong> 

Voters in Sacramento, other counties to cast ballots in 'centers’ instead of neighborhood in 2018           

BY Jim Miller 

Gov. Jerry Brown, clearing the way for Sacramento and several other counties to hold all-mail elections in two years, signed legislation Thursday that allows for the consolidation of neighborhood polling places into new vote centers.


California Newswire September 29, 2016 

Calif. Gov. Brown Continues Busy Week: Vetoes Bills and Signs New Laws Sept. 29, 2016

By Christopher Simmons 

Calif. Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. announced that he has signed various assembly bills and senate bills, including AB 1639 by Assembly member Brian Maienschein.

Secretary of State Press Releases 

AP16:131 09/29/16 Governor Brown Signs Landmark Election Reform Bill

SACRAMENTO – Governor Jerry Brown has signed Senate Bill 450 which will modernize California elections. SB 450, sponsored by California Secretary of State Alex Padilla, was jointly authored by Senators Ben Allen (D-Santa Monica) and Bob Hertzberg (D-Van Nuys). 

UC Davis September 15, 2016

African American Voters Express Concerns About Possible Vote Centers in California

By Kimberly Hale

The California Legislature recently sent a package of election reforms known as SB 450, or the Vote Center Model, to Gov. Jerry Brown for his consideration. This legislation, based on a model recently implemented in Colorado, aims to increase voter turnout in California while also reducing the cost of running elections. New research released today by the California Civic Engagement Project at the University of California, Davis, Center for Regional Change finds that African American voters in California have many concerns about this significant change to the state’s election system. The findings suggest that it will be necessary for state election officials to offer extensive outreach and communication in order to make this new model accessible and welcoming, and to overcome the deeply held concerns expressed by African American voters regarding vote centers.

Secretary of State Press Releases 

AP16:115 08/29/16 California Legislature Sends Landmark Election Reform Bill To Governor Brown

SACRAMENTO – Legislation that would provide Californians more options for when, where, and how they cast a ballot won final legislative approval today in the State Senate. SB 450, sponsored by California Secretary of State Alex Padilla, was jointly authored by Senators Ben Allen (D-Santa Monica) and Bob Hertzberg (D-Van Nuys). The legislation now heads to Governor Brown for his consideration. 

Los Angeles Times August 25, 2016 

"Una posible reforma al sistema electoral cambiaría radicalmente las votaciones en California”

Translation by Hoy Los Angeles 

Una legislación de gran alcance en el Congreso estatal podría hacer que el futuro de las elecciones de California dependa de una importante ampliación del voto por correo, lo cual daría a las autoridades locales el poder de cerrar miles de sitios de votación en los vecindarios.


Los Angeles Times August 23, 2016

Voting will never be quite the same in California if lawmakers pass reforms

By John Myers

Sweeping legislation at the state Capitol would make the future of California elections dependent on a major expansion of absentee ballots, one that would give local officials the power to close thousands of neighborhood polling places.

Secretary of State Press Releases

AP16:085  06/29/16 Bill to Modernize Elections Clears Assembly Committee

SACRAMENTO – A bill to create a new elections model that provides Californians greater options for when, where, and how to cast a ballot was approved by the State Assembly Elections and Redistricting Committee today. 

SB 450 is sponsored by Secretary of State Alex Padilla and authored by Senators Ben Allen (D-Santa Monica) and Bob Hertzberg (D-Van Nuys). The legislation now heads to the State Assembly Appropriations Committee.