The time it takes to process a document varies depending on the type of request submitted and how the request is submitted.

Notary Public Applications

We are currently processing applications received with an exam date of May 14, 2024. Please note: Exam results are available no earlier than 15 business days after the exam date. Once exam results are available, CPS HR Consulting will then forward applications to our office for processing.

For applicants seeking reappointment, a commission will be issued 30 days prior to expiration of your current commission if you have complied with all requirements to become a notary public. The issuance of a notary public commission may be delayed pending completion of a background check by the California Department of Justice.



Our Sacramento office is currently processing Apostille requests received:

  1. Through the mail on 6/10/2024
  2. In person on the 2nd floor on 6/17/2024

Los Angeles

Our Los Angeles Office is currently processing Apostille requests received: 

  1. In person on the 12th floor on 6/17/2024

For questions about all other processes, contact the Notary Public Section.

Last updated: June 17, 2024