Forms, Services, and Fees

Forms and Services

1. New or Reappointing Commission Application
(Form SOS/NP-30 - PDF - REV 08/2016)
  Exam - payable at exam site $20.00
Application Processing and Exam Fee - payable at exam site (Government Code section 12182.1 and California Code of Regulations sections 20802 and 20803)  
2. Duplicate Commission $10.00
3. Name Change Application
(Form SOS/NP33 - PDF - REV 07/2003)
No Fee
4. Address Change
(Form SOS/NP 34 - PDF - REV 07/2003)
No Fee
5. Certificate of Authorization to Produce Notary Public Seal No Fee
6. Request for Live Scan Service - ***Call Live Scan site for processing fees
(Form SOS/BCII 8016 - PDF - REV 04/2001)
7. Authentication Certificate (Apostille) (California Government Code section 12195(e)) $20.00
8. Affixing Certificate and Seal of State (unless another fee is specified by law) $ 5.00
9. Making Copies - ***$1.00 for the first page and $ 0.50 for each additional page per document (California Government Code section 12178.1) ***
10. Certification - Notary Public Section copies only (California Government Code section 12183(a)) $ 5.00
11. Special Handling (see Tips below) (California Government Code section 12182 and California Code of Regulations section 21903) $ 6.00


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  • Notary public application packets are available from CPS HR Consulting .

  • All checks are payable to the "Secretary of State."

  • Notary public fees collected at the notary public exam site must be paid by check or money order and payable to Secretary of State.

  • When completing the notary public application, all convictions must be disclosed on each application submitted. The Secretary of State does not refer to previous notary public applications for conviction information.

  • Include the notary public commission number when submitting correspondence to the Notary Public Section.

  • Please refer to Contact Information for the Secretary of State office locations, hours and phone numbers.


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