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These procedures and guidelines provide general guidance to elections officials in developing county-specific disaster and emergency plans should a natural disaster or state of emergency occur during critical election times.

The critical times have been identified as follows:

  • The period and deadline for the transmittal of military or overseas voters’ ballots (E-60 through E-45)
  • Voting Period (E-14 through Election Day)
  • During the canvass period (E+1 through E+30)

The following information does not replace any existing emergency or disaster plans already established by the State or county elections officials. The information provided should be used in conjunction with any existing county plans. Emergency plans will differ by county, depending on factors such as staff size, county size, available facilities, fiscal constraints, and voting machines used by that county.

In any emergency situation, it is vital that the Governor, the Secretary of State, the Legislature, and elections officials communicate clearly and frequently with each other and the public.

Please note that these procedures and guidelines take into account laws effective as of September 1, 2022.