Elections results are collected and reported by precinct, and this precinct level data is reported to the public on a statewide basis when the Secretary of State publishes the Supplement to the Statement of Vote (SSOV) 159 days after an election pursuant to Elections Code section 15502. When it is published, it is not provided in an electronic version that can be downloaded and imported to spreadsheet software that would allow the user to sort the data in other fashions.

The Secretary of State's office and several California county elections offices have entered into a pilot project to see how this precinct level data can be provided to the public in the most user-friendly fashion.

Below are links to precinct level data from the May 19, 2009, election from those county elections offices that have entered into the voluntary pilot project with the Secretary of State.

This data is in several formats that can be downloaded and imported into any spreadsheet software.

To download these files:

  1. Right click (for PC) or Ctrl+Click (for Mac) your mouse on the link
  2. Select "Save Target As..." (Microsoft Internet Explorer)
    Select "Save Link As..." (Mozilla Firefox)
  3. Save the file to your computer

If you have comments on this pilot project and how it can be improved, please send your comments to votingsystems@sos.ca.gov.



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