Due to budgetary constraints, this Statement of Vote will not be printed. The data is available on cd from the Elections Division (916) 657-2166.

Statement of Vote
Supplement to the Statement of Vote

Table of Contents

Registration and Participation

Initiative and Referendum Petition Signature Requirements (PDF)

New Political Party Qualification Requirements (PDF)

Voting Systems Used by Counties in the General Election (PDF)

The Contests

Vote Summaries

Statement of Vote

  • Certificate of the Secretary of State (PDF)
  • President of the United States (PDF) | (XLS)
  • United States Senator (PDF) | (XLS)
  • United States Representative in Congress (PDF) | (XLS)
  • State Senator (odd-numbered districts) (PDF) | (XLS)
  • Member of the State Assembly (PDF) | (XLS)
  • Statewide Measures Submitted to a Vote of Voters (PDF) | (XLS)
    • Proposition Numbers 1A, 59, 60
    • Proposition Numbers 60A, 61, 62
    • Proposition Numbers 63, 64, 65
    • Proposition Numbers 66, 67, 68
    • Proposition Numbers 69, 70, 71
    • Proposition Numbers 72

Supplement to the Statement of Vote


United States Senator

Statewide Measures