Notice about ballot pickup throughout Election Day for the November 8, 2016, General Election


Under Elections Code section 14422, county elections officials have the option to pick up all voted ballots, not just vote-by-mail ballots, before the close of polls and deliver them to the county’s receiving center or ballot counting place to start processing them. Getting these ballots and processing them before the close of polls may help counties a great deal in their counting efforts and will likely help the counties deliver results quicker and more efficiently. Although these ballots will be processed early, no results will be released prior to the close of the polls.

In counties where ballots are picked up throughout Election Day, elections officials may open ballot boxes, remove ballots for transport, and then reseal the ballot boxes. The elections officials may also remove and replace whole ballot boxes. Throughout transport, processes are in place to ensure the security and integrity of the ballots and the election at all times. Additionally, the counties who plan to open ballot boxes or remove them from polling places during poll hours must notify the public of the dates, times, and places where the ballots will be delivered.

The following counties have informed the Secretary of State that for this election they plan to pick up ballots from polling places during poll hours:

In addition, several other counties plan to pick up vote-by-mail ballots dropped off at polling places and/or drop boxes throughout the day.

For any questions about ballot pickup procedures, dates, times, and locations, please contact your local county elections office.