Section 254(a)(8), page 74
How the state will adopt performance goals and measures that will be used by the state to determine its success and the success of units of local government in the state carrying out the plan, including timetables for meeting each of the elements of the plan, descriptions of the criteria the state will use to measure performance and the process used to develop such criteria, and a description of which official is to be held responsible for ensuring that each performance goal is met.

The Secretary of State, as Chief Elections Officer, in consultation with local elections officials and other interested parties, and after considering any voluntary guidelines adopted by the Commission pursuant to Subtitle B of Title III, shall:

  • develop performance goals and measures, with timetables, descriptions of criteria, the process used to develop the criteria, and identification of accountable officials, to determine the effectiveness of all programs and efforts receiving HAVA funds;
  • monitor, through consultations with local elections officials and interested individuals and organizations, the performance of the state, units of local government and other entities with respect to reaching goals and each and every provision of HAVA.


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